A guide to online injury help

Many people equate physical therapy solely with hands on techniques and in person appointments. A personal approach can still  be possible with remote therapy sessions. At a time where online is the only option, I have created this guide to help you understand how remote Movement Therapy can help you.

What to expect before the appointment….

Most online therapy involves filling in forms prior to the first appointment. I also ask for general movement videos to look for areas where movement patterns may have been changed by previous injury or pain.

Through observing your movement  I can see where muscles and joints are either under working or over working and creating strain.

Often other areas in the body may be contributing to your current concern and although other  past treatment may have helped temporarily they usually are very pain/injury centred. It is important to consider all injuries, emotional events and lifestyle to give you the best chance to move past this current state.

During the first video appointment…..

Having already had time to evaluate how you move through watching the general movement videos and reviewed your injury history, my main focus in the first appointment is to understand how your concerns impact on your life. More in depth movement tests are carried out to find the root cause of your discomfort. I spend time making sure your questions are answered and you understand the ‘why’ behind the injury and what you can do to help.

What does treatment consist of?…..

Once we identify the areas that need help to restore a more balanced natural state in the body, we work through a variety of exercises to determine the best choices for you. Generic exercises that do not make a positive change in the body are not worth doing. All the personalised exercises take into account your lifestyle, injury history and are simple to include in a short daily routine.

How many sessions do I need?…..

Every case is different but I aim to make positive changes within 1-4 sessions. Because the treatment is exercise based, the follow appointments are often spaced out to allow more time for the exercises to work.

What if I am unsure about online therapy?….

I offer free consultations so you can ensure a good online connection and discuss your goals with me, I believe that all the clues exist in the body and together we can find a way to improve your symptoms.

What if I need help in between appointments?….

I actively encourage people to stay in touch in between appointments by phone, email or video consultation to ask questions & discuss progress. All exercises given are available by video link to give you support when you need it.

About Nicole Brûlé-Walker

I started life as a Sports Physiotherapist and Registered Massage Therapist and through clinical practice found that most injuries & physical complaints came on with no obvious cause. With over  20 years of experience and a shift in focus through Anatomy in Motion work, it allows me to take a unique perspective and approach with the people I see. I treat the person in front of me and not a condition. I aim to educate people and give them the tools to fix themselves.


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