Did you know it’s National Lash Day Today!

I’m celebrating all week! To share the love today I’m bringing you some things you may not have known about your lashes and a couple of my fave lash tips….


Firstly, did you know…. Your lashes are home to tiny microscopic mites?

But fear not – they’re friends, not enemies. Known as Demodex, these tiny mites help remove dirt and clean your lash follicles, protecting your eyes from infection. You can help them do their job by removing your makeup fully at the end of each day.


Eyelashes are made up of 97% keratin and 3% water. To keep them strong, look for Biotin (aka vitamin H) in your lash products and in foods like chicken, eggs, almonds and whole grains. Also, up your vitamin C intake: Antioxidants found in citrus fruits and avocados protect against damage and can even help repair your lashes.


If it feels like you’re always shedding lashes, don’t worry – you are!

Lashes have a life span of about 90 days. On average, up to five of your lashes will fall out every day. For each one that falls out, it takes around four to eight weeks for a new one to come in and grow to its full length. Luckily, you’re never completely without because all your lashes are in different growth phrases.


And a few of my fave tips to make your lashes pop:


Use a nude eyeshadow to give a blank canvas – this seems redundant right? Our skin is nude? Wrong, sort of. A nude base matifys the skin therefore ridding the shine from our natural oils and drawing the focus back to those luscious lashes.


Use a lash primer – yes lash primer is absolutely a thing. It preps the lashes by conditioning them and separating them but also gives a good base for your fave mascara to cling to. Making sure you coat each lash means less product needed.


Warm your wand – a warm tube of mascara keeps the liquid inside smooth rather than gloopy – which can happen when it’s left waiting for us to love our lashes. Stand your tube in a cup of warm water or (like I do) pop it into your cleveage before you start your makeup, by the time your ready to apply it will be nice and warm and go on much smoother!


For taking it that step further and giving them a growth spurt, treat your lashes to a lash syrem. Find one fortified with nourishing peptides and enjoy longer, fuller lashes within as little as 2 weeks! That will certainly give you that extra oomph on your lash batting!


To celebrate today I have discounted my fave lash kit to help look after your lashes. Pop me a message to secure yours.


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I would love to hear from you! Happy National Lash day!


  • Claire Cutler-Casey
    19th February 2020 at 2:10 pm

    Oooo, interesting insights there Kate, thank you, I’ll be sure to try warming my mascara up next time I’m putting my face on.
    I didn’t know it was national lash day, but I do now! Who knew ?

    • MamaLippys
      19th February 2020 at 4:32 pm

      Thanks Claire!
      Definitely give it a whirl, it’s amazing what a difference the heat makes. Happy National Lash day! Xx

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