Everyone should use a password manager

“There has been quite a few occasions over last few weeks that have only gone to strengthen my belief in password management tools. I personally love LastPass and use it for all my business and personal passwords. After all these passwords are the gateway to our banks, emails, school apps and social media accounts
We all know someone who has the same password for multiple sites, or a simple password that is very easy for those hackers to break. Believe me, I totally understand why people do this… There’s nothing more frustrating then forgetting a password and having to go through the fun of resetting it, right?? But imagine the pain of being hacked and then having to reset whatever programme or account has been broken into!
LastPass and KeyPass both have apps that you can install on your computer and smart phones, running in the background helping you to manage your passwords, but also allowing you to have stronger automatically generated passwords too. That’s got to be easier then having to make one up.
So why not download a password management tool today, it’s really easy to set up, and will even make you life easier.
You’ll thank me for it, I promise.
On the plus side, it makes working with a VA really easy, as you can share your passwords in a very safe way, giving access for as long as you need to and easily revoking access when required.”
Michelle Jamieson
My Virtual Personal Assistant
W: myvirtualpersonalassistant.co.uk
T: +44 7367 489004
E: info@myvirtualpersonalassistant.co.uk



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