How can we find balance in an unbalanced world?

Remember how we used to fret about work-life balance? There was always so much to do. Shipping the kids around, getting to work, squeezing in appointments, and  then came the self-development and self-care booms. Suddenly we also had to strive for better careers, make sure the kids were getting plenty of life experiences, do exercise, eat healthy and of course lose weight.
Somewhere along the way, as our busy schedules stretched to breaking point, we forgot what the whole point was. To enjoy life and feel good!
Some of us noticed the craziness early on and had started slowing down. Some of us (like me) were a bit too driven for our own good and only stopped when illness brought us crashing down. And many, many more of us were still racing round like worker bees, when the global wake up call came. I’d always thought climate change would be the global wake up call, but I was wrong. COVID-19 got there first.
Everything stopped.
For some of us anyway.
In my practice I now see a pattern of two different kinds of women emerging. Those with lots of time on their hands, and those who are so caught up in looking after others that they are struggling to see how they could ever afford to look after themselves. Some would even consider it selfish to do so.
Make no mistake, there can be a whole load of stress circling around both of those situations. Misunderstandings around self-care persist. Misunderstanding about what it is, how long it takes and whether it’s a luxury or another job on the to do list.
My approach to work-life balance used to be a notion that it should be 50:50. I took a very mathematical approach (no doubt from my scientific background). Finally, after many years of trial and error I understand that balance isn’t about our external activities but how we feel inside. And achieving that sense of internal balance requires that we pay attention – to what makes us feel good, and what doesn’t.
I’m launching a new 21 day programme, which explores seven core foundations of wellbeing. Consider it like a self-drive holiday. I’ll provide a map and some basic guidance, and then you can take yourself off to explore as you choose. This 3 week adventure will not only allow you a break from you usual routine, but will also help you discover what helps to bring you that internal balance. Something you can keep when the journey is over.
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Whatever is going on for you right now, I hope you can find some time to look after yourself. Take care and stay well.
Diane xx
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