How do you feel about colour in your home?

Choosing the perfect colour for a room can seem like a big project. You probably find yourself collecting endless swatches, but just can’t seem to find that perfect shade. Well, I think I have found an easier way to decide on that final colour scheme, and throw that pile of swatches away once and for all.

When considering what colours should fill a room, you need to determine what you use that room for the most. Colour has a huge affect on our moods, and can influence not only your emotions, but productivity and sleep as well. The colours you bring into a space should be intentional and reflecting of the activity and energy that you experience the most.


Blue is a colour that promotes relaxation and calm, and is the perfect colour to bring into your bedroom, helping you sleep and unwind. Lighter shades, like teal, which combines green with blue, is softer on the eyes, but brings a sophisticated energy to a room and is great for living spaces.

Royal and darker tones are known to help concentration, and enhance focus and mental clarity. These shades are a great palette to tie into a meditation or yoga room. Denim blues go well with darker natural wood furnishings, and when you pair it with some oversized green plants, you’ll have the perfect room for your morning yoga, to start your day off right.


Green is a beautiful colour that evokes growth, maturity, and natural elegance. Finding that perfect hue of green is great fun to introduce into different rooms in any home.

Darker greens are the perfect tone to give any room a natural elegance and sense of life. Darker shades pair beautifully with dark wood dining room tables and chairs, to help bring natural vibrant elements into a room. Mint, on the other hand, is a beautifully bright shade, and when paired with white and silver accents, can make any bathroom look timeless, and helps evoke serenity when jumping into that bath, book in hand, at the end of a hectic day.


Yellow is a cheerful colour that can bring you that bright summer sunshine feel at any time of year. When incorporated into a space, this colour brings a joyful light and rays of positivity. A breakfast nook littered with yellow accents is a great way to brighten your mood when enjoying a morning cup of coffee (or two…or three!)

Yellow also promotes optimism, so it’s a good colour to bring into an entryway to give you that extra push in the morning before heading out for the day. Yellow flowers are a naturally subtle way to bring yellow into any space. Being a bold colour choice, some yellow hues can quickly become overwhelming and take away from your ambiance, so plants are a great way to use it sparingly.


Red is the powerhouse of the colour spectrum and a personal fave of mine! It brings high energy and passion to a space. This colour is great for living rooms, or areas in the home where high levels of activity and entertaining occur. This will keep guests in joyous spirits, with dark shades symbolizing friendship and warmth. Red is the most attention grabbing colour, so, similar to yellow, use it sparingly. If red is used too much, it can have a negative effect on mood and stimulate restlessness and adrenaline levels. Use it as an accent color, especially corals, which pair well with blues, and greens, to make a bright, inviting atmosphere.

Red also reminds me of the summer months, and spending time with those I love most, so tying it in seasonally is a great way to avoid any permanent or overzealous touches. Home decor accessories, like pillows, blankets and vases, are an easy way to bring in the warmth of red during the chilly winter months. Perfect for curling up with a classic christmas movie and the hubby.


Black is a colour that can bring a sense of mystery and elegance to any space you tie it into. Choosing softer shades of blacks and grays can help to make a space feel clean and modern, and is a great colour for an office or study to help promote productivity and focus. Maybe pair it with a neutral leather sofa and chairs, to create a classic feel.

Whatever you decide, may it reflect your best self.

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In the meantime, stay home, stay safe, stay colourful !

Kate xox


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