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Anne Wyn-Jones

About Me

Why didn’t I do this years ago? is the question many people ask themselves after using Anne’s (or Ideal Living’s) life-changing services.

Whether you need someone to assist you in organising and tidying your home, a helping hand to move house and downsize, or gentle support with sorting through a loved-ones belongings, just call Anne.

Anne takes the stress out of any home or property organisational challenge you have.  She eliminates the burden and helps you, every step of the way, reach a solution that satisfies and uplifts you.

Going through Anne’s organisational process is a compassionate, yet highly professional experience. Her methodical approach is fully explained throughout so you feel informed able to regain control while being included in the process.

You will feel comfortable in your home, and want to share your space with others, as you feel lighter and liberated from what realise has been an overwhelming situation.

If you need help moving home, tidying your house, support after a bereavement or someone to act on your behalf to support a family member, Ideal Living are here for you.

For confidential, sympathetic and practical support with life’s organisational challenges, just call Anne.


Phone Number

07885 729 759