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As the dark nights draw in do you find yourself and your loved ones falling prey to every cough, cold and sore throat around, constantly feeling exhausted as you fight off another bug or virus?

As the days shorten and the golden rays of afternoon light gently fade it's time to find your inner glow and set it ablaze to nourish and nurture you through the darker part of the year right through to next spring.

Join us as we discover valuable methods to resolve the emotional burdens that drag you down.  Allow yourself to experience the freedom of release as you develop sustainable behaviours using techniques that are simple to use and easy to learn.

Get ready for a great night's sleep to restore you and re-ignite your inner glow.

Find out how to support your inbuilt immune defences so that you are more resilient to the bugs that seem to fly around at this time of year, keeping yourself healthy and full of energy as winter slides in and demands on your time increase.

Join us for this friendly, interactive 2 hour online workshop where we will practice easy techniques that make a profound difference to personal health and well-being.

Workshops are hosted using Zoom functionality, just click the link and you’re ready to go.

Just book your ticket here and the rest is easy.

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A couple of days before the workshop two fact sheets will drop into your inbox.  The fact sheets will help you get the most out of our time together so print them out if you wish,  we do refer to them during the workshop.

The workshops are packed full of useful information, you’ll learn loads of practical tips and techniques you can use anytime, to help you take control of your own well-being, so keep a notepad and pen handy too.

Join us, you’ll be so glad you did, you’ll meet other people who are interested to learn more too.

Zoom functionality is very versatile and simple to use.  If you’re worried about being on camera, please don’t be, you can choose whether you wish to share your camera with others or just watch the discussion, it's entirely up to you.

Spaces are limited, so book yours now 

These workshops cover a different subject each month to help you take control of your life and fly, for more details check out my website Clairecutlercasey.com

Join us from the comfort of your favourite seat, grab your mug of whatever you choose,  cosy up in your slippers and sign in. Connect with other like minded people from around the world, and right on your doorstep,  as we explore the simple secrets of feeling better, everyday.

No need to dress up, get a sitter or even leave the house, just log on and join in.

I look forward to working with you and sharing these valuable insights and practical techniques


Feedback from previous workshops

‘I enjoyed the light-hearted fun approach’ Sue
‘I particularly enjoyed the visual side of Claire’s demonstrations, this made it easier to understand’ Helen
‘The workshop was fun and factual’ Jane
‘Enjoyed all aspects, very clear teaching and some great hands on practice’ Julie
"I enjoyed the friendly way information was given and the examples of good and helpful foods, essences and oils" G.A. Pickering
"So interesting it will help improve my health" J.S. Pocklington

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  • Oct 15 at 7:00PM

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