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Shahida Sidduqe

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Meditation isn’t ‘just a practice’ that we do to calm ourselves or as something we think we should do spiritually, the right Meditation is capable of healing where all other methods have failed and at a pace our thinking mind cannot keep up with!
I work with you Meditating in a Buddha Field, a Quantum Field in which we’re not working to linear time, we’re not dependant on the thinking mind to keep up with, agree with us or give us permission.

This field is the field of an enlightened Master (Osho) who has lived on this earth with everything that comes with being human, Celebration, Dance, Liberation, Money, Sexuality and a teacher who has practised and lived this for nearly fifty years!

Over many years - two decades to be precise - I attempted to transform my life. I changed everything and then I let go of everything, to face the fact that underneath it all, I was still suffering, I couldn’t heal, I didn’t know how to heal, even after two decades I hadn’t healed.

I work with people in 1:1 Mantra Meditation Therapy Sessions, Women's Mantra Meditation Circles (3-4.5hrs) and I also run  Day Workshops for Women (which are 12hours) I'll also be running Weekend and Weeklong Retreats.

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