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Alison Abbott

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Moments Inspired by Grace’s Garden Retreat....Candles, diffusers, wax melts , luxury scent sprays and hand wash and body lotion etc. Scent is closely connected to memory , so our luxury scented candles have a memory card in them telling you what is in the scent, an evoke the emotion telling you what emotion the scent evokes and a space for you to record your own special memory. All natural soy, so vegan and eco friendly. I run it alongside my daughter Grace who is a beauty and massage therapist at Grace’s Garden Retreat. We are an independent brand partner for Moments Candle Co.

These luxury home fragrance products are special. They have been designed to stimulate your senses and evoke feelings, moods and emotions connected to the ‘Moments’ we go through in our family life, relationships, business and so much more!

We create an abundance of exquisite scents to stimulate and awaken your senses whilst being kind to the environment.  It is our policy to make our candles with 100% natural ingredients. Our candles contain no paraffin, palm oil or nasty substances.

Using the finest ingredients combined with a technical edge,  our fragrance oils are carefully and uniquely blended to evoke your feelings and emotions. Moments products will always offer you therapeutic solutions to boost your energy and lift your mood.  Whilst relieving stress and encouraging you to relax and enjoy the moment.

Our mission is simple – To evoke your emotions,  inspiring you to experience and awaken your senses.  Whilst promoting wellbeing for the mind body and soul.  We offer a range of products to enhance your home, creating an atmosphere to aspire to.

We want to delight and inspire our customers with all that we do..  We truly believe in the power of the emotional connection between scents and the moments we experience.

Live for the moments you can’t put into words.

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