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Rachael Machin Growth Coach

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My name is Rachael and I am your Coach. I have been the owner of a Specialist Headhunting firm for almost a decade, connecting people with their dream jobs, but for me it was never just about that. It was about nurturing relationships on a career coaching level, helping people to uncover their potential, to become more and achieve more. And, during this time my work became as much about someone's personal life as it was about their professional life. Both are so heavily intertwined, and being happy or unhappy in one area, has a direct impact on the other. Inviting positive change into your life is both exciting and scary, and it's important to have a trusted and qualified adviser by your side when taking a new path.

My Story
I felt called to become a Coach after going through a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth. Life threw a myriad of obstacles and challenges my way, which prompted big change and transformation. The day I got a Coach to support my journey, my world changed! I was able to face all of life's challenges with renewed insight and clarity. I was empowered to make choices and decisions, guided every step of the way. With the support of my Coach, I found inner strength I didn't know I had. This is the same experience I am here to create for you!

Working With Me
Working with me, you will have a safe space to express your dreams, goals and desires. You will feel heard and you can share your truth in a non-judgemental environment. Most of all, whatever your goals are - you don't have to do it alone. ​

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