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You are a marvellous magical being full of potential, with energy powering through you, energy that connects you to the universe, energy you can harness to transform your dreams into beautiful reality.

Join us for a relaxed, interactive workshop where we will explore the subtle complexities of the chakra energy system and learn how to release the magic inside of you.

During this gathering of like minded souls you will be able to explore your unique energetic blueprint, what part your chakra system plays in that, how to recognise imbalances and bring your system into harmony.

You will leave feeling balanced, energised and empowered.

Did you know there are 114 identified chakra points on the human body? Whilst we don't have time to explore all of them we will spend time gaining useful knowledge and increasing our own personal understanding of the following:

What chakras are
Where chakras are found in the human system
How chakras work
How to identify chakra imbalances for yourself
Practical methods to re-balance and harmonise chakras and the energies associated with them
How to claim these powerful energies and utilise them to support your own personal development
With access to the subtleties of these energy centres we have the capacity to finely tune our life to be the experience we desire, without force or fear.

No prior knowledge or experience is required.

We will gently walk through some theory to develop and enhance our own understanding, sharing questions, exciting curiosities and exploring how you can work with these personal energy centres to support and enhance your own situation as you weave your own future, casting your own magic as you go.

Together we will discover the individualities of different chakras, learning new and profound methods to support ourselves to thrive.

Imbalances in this subtle energy system can include physical illness, physical, emotional and psychological discomfort, anxiety, hormone imbalances, lack of focus, difficulty sleeping and lack of motivation and purpose.

The workshop is blend of theory, exploration, discussion and practical guided exercises to empower and consolidate your own learning.

Light refreshments and a simple lunch are provided, please feel free to bring along anything that supports your personal dietary preferences. The day is 10am - 4pm.

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Wilberfoss Community Centre, Main Street, Wilberfoss

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  • Mar 04 at 10:00AM

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07541 320113