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In the last few years I've seen many of my friends and family members go through numerous rollercoasters of emotions. Three of those people were women; a close friend of mine sadly got diagnosed with cancer and underwent extensive treatment, my sister went through a heartbreaking breakup and, after being happily married for 70 years, my grandma lost our grandad to Alzheimers. Each of them are strong, wise women, yet each were left absolutely devastated by situations completely out of their control. I wanted to be there for all three of them but putting my arm around them just wasn't enough. There had to be more I could do.

Thus Three Wise Women was born; our mission - to be there for every single one of those moments in life when you wish there was something you could do or say to help put a smile on someone’s face.

We know there are thousands of gift box companies out there - but our range is a little different.


Our company was created from a need and desire to give people true joy in a box of meaningful gifts, delivered straight to their doorstep. We make that vital journey, when you can't be there (and just like the Three Wise Men we come bearing some pretty impressive gifts).

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