Here we do it differently.

Networking yes but… sociable and fun and real…

We meet …and we chat and…we connect!

That’s the difference, the true connections that are made when there’s no pressure to perform, when there’s no awkward intros and no uncomfortable business card pushing.

We simply chat to one another and share our stories, our challenges and our successes.

It’s all very relaxed, it’s all very simple, it’s all very good.

The perfect place for women in business, to be amongst other women in business. We have the most amazing range of diverse sectors for you to connect with and collaborate with.

By being part of our network, yes, you’ll find new customers, collaborations, advice and support but also, amazing friends who just get it, people who you can meet up with in real life, actual people who are on this same journey too with all of the ups and all of the downs and all of the aceness that comes along with being a woman in business.

And …the best thing … you will grow.

Recommendations happen all the time. People buy people. Trust and that connection to a face and a personality is beyond important.

Each month you are not ‘just’ introducing yourself to the women you speak to, you are putting yourself in front of them…

AND all their friends
AND families
AND their school playground friends
AND their gym buddies, work friends… and it goes on…and on and on!

THAT’S networking and that’s how we do it!