All MPWR Business Club Members, are invited to join us, twice a month, at online networking
Currently hosted Evenings and Mornings, online networking allows you to network UK wide from from wherever suits you.

The format of online networking is just like how we network face to face – 

  • Our ‘waiting room’ will be open 15 minutes before the start time so you can get logged in and all set.
  • We will be splitting attendees into smaller groups in our ‘break out rooms’.
  • Groups will be swapped round every 10/15 minutes or so to give you a chance to meet with different people. 
  • When you enter a ‘breakout room’ someone is sure to jump in and make a start or you can! Simply chat to one another and ask questions.  Yes, tell everyone what you do but keep it really short, so you have plenty of time to talk about other things. Just like you would if we were face to face networking.
  • Near to the end of the 10/15mins in each ‘breakout room’ there will be an on screen notification telling you that you are about to be either, moved to another break out room, or that we are all coming back to the ‘reception area’ for a break…. once in your next ‘breakout room’ you will do it all over again with another group of people.
  • You can mute your mic and turn off your camera at any time. We don’t mind dogs, cats, partners and children popping in to see us, and if you want a break to pop to the loo, grab a drink or get something to eat…. just do it! it’s all fine
  • After networking you are invited to share a post in the MPWR Facebook groups to say you were at networking, and for those you didn’t get chance to chat to, this is me and this is what I do. You can add your links and offers for MPWR members there too.

You will be asked to complete the ‘Virtual Goody Bag’ after buying your ticket.

The ‘Goody Bag’ is something we do at face to face networking (because we don’t like business card pushing!) Everyone attending is invited to add a business card, leaflet, samples, goodies, offers etc to the ‘Goody Bags’ and at the end of the evening everyone takes one home with them. The ‘Virtual Goody Bag’ is so we can share online networking attendees ‘business card info’, with all those attending online networking, so you don’t need to frantically write notes.

And that’s MPWR.UK online networking – simply chatting to likeminded business woman (usually with a cuppa or glass of something) It’s all very simple and all very good and a great way to make those very important connections.

Find our upcoming UK online networking dates below and as an MPWR Business Club Member, look out for your email invite to grab a ticket!
Want to join us at Networking but not yet signed up as a Business Club Member? Then Sign Up Here today! We look forward to meeting you soon x 



Thursday 27th August 10am-12pm
Tuesday 29th September 10am-12pm
Thursday 8th October 10am-12pm
Thursday 5th November 10am-12pm


Thursday 7th January 10am-12pm
Thursday 4th February 10am-12pm
Thursday 4th March 10am-12pm
Thursday 8th April 10am-12pm
Thursday 6th May 10am-12pm
Thursday 10th June 10am-12pm
Thursday 8th July 10am-12pm
Thursday 5th August 10am-12pm
Thursday 9th September 10am-12pm
Thursday 7th October 10am-12pm
Thursday 4th November 10am-12pm



Monday 10th August 7pm-9pm
Monday 14th September 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 20th October 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 17th November 7pm-9pm
Thursday 3rd December 7pm-9pm


Tuesday 16th February 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 16th March 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 20th April 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 18th May 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 22nd June 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 20th July 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 17th August 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 21st September 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 19th October 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 16th November 7pm-9pm
Thursday 9th December 7pm-9pm

Want to join us at Networking but not yet signed up as a Business Club Member? Then Sign Up Here today! and join us x 

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Drop us a message and find out more about what’s involved, then let’s chat!