We are so looking forward to seeing you at networking :0) …


Grab a glass of something, or a cuppa, and join us in what we do best – Getting together to chat, connect and….. Network!

At MPWR we LOVE face to face networking but, as we can’t do that right now :0( we have taken it online.

The format of online networking is pretty much the same as how we network face to face, and it goes something like this –

  • Our waiting room will be open 15 mins prior to the start time for you to get logged in and all set up.
  • We will then whiz you into breakout rooms, in small groups, for 10/15 minutes or so (it’s all very Dr Who/Star trek like LOL)
  • When in the breakout rooms simply chat to one another and ask questions. Yes, tell everyone what you do but keep it really short, so you have plenty of time to talk about other things, just like you would if we were face to face networking.
  • Near to the end of the 10/15mins there will be an on screen notification telling you that you are about to be whizzed into another break out room to chat with some different guests, or that we are all coming back to the ‘reception area’ for break.

And that’s it! No 60 second intros, no pushy sales and no dress code.Just lots of chatting to likeminded women (no parking problems either :0)

You can mute your mic and turn off your camera at any time.

We don’t mind dogs, cats, partners and children popping in to see us, and if you want/need a break to pop to the loo, sort the kids, grab a drink or something to eat…. just do it! it’s all fine.

After networking, MPWR Business Club Members are invited to share a post in the MPWR Facebook group you are in to say… ‘I was at networking, and for those who I didn’t get chance to chat to, this is me and this is what I do’. You can add your links and offers for the MPWR members there too.

Oh – and one last thing….

Before checking out, when buying a ticket, you will be asked to fill out a bit of info we will include (with your permission) in our ‘Virtual Goody Bag’

The ‘Goody Bag’ is something we do at face to face networking (because we don’t like business card pushing!) Everyone attending is invited to add a business card, leaflet, samples, goodies, offers etc to the ‘Goody Bags’ provided, and at the end of the evening everyone takes one home with them.

The ‘Virtual Goody Bag’ is so you can share your business card info and any offers you might have, with all those attending online networking. It also means you don’t need to constantly write notes. (The info shared in the virtual goody bag is just name, business name, website, email address and any offers included)

It’s gonna be ACE!
And we can’t WAIT to see you there


2020 – click the links below to grab your ticket

October 22nd  |  November 26th


January 28th  |  February 25th  |  March 25th  |  April 29th  |  May 27th  | July 1st

September 30th  |  October 21st  |  November  25th



2020 – click the links below to grab your ticket

October 12th  |  November 9th  |  December 14th (Xmas Party)


January 11th  |  February 8th  |  March 8th  |  April 12th  |  May 10th |   June 14th  |  July 12th  |  September 13th  | October 11th  |   November 8th  |  December 13th (Xmas Party)

Please note that MPWR Online networking is for UK businesswomen